Culture / About Us

Born to be problem solvers creative thinkers listeners inginuite imaginative

We are project managers and engineers dedicated to serving our clients with excellent expertise, experience and service.

Our team is an all engineer team. This means everyone in our company has an engineering degree. Most of our engineers hold advanced degrees and certifications. This creates an academic environment unlike any other firm.

We pride ourselves in the quality of our work. We are perfectionists who constantly try to improve our quality in every aspect of our service.

We are proud to be an M/WBE and HUB certified engineering firm capable of practicing throughout the United States.

Our engineers

Our team consists of highly educated engineers who bring hundreds of combined experience in creating an academic, knowledgeable, insightful and fun atmosphere. We often conduct brainstorming, problem solving, creative thinking and team building sessions throughout each month. We enjoy learning, teaching, listening and reflecting about our projects, lessons learned and innovative ideas.

Below are some facts about our engineers:

Hold B.S. or higher in engineering from an ABET credited University
Are Professional Engineer or Engineer-in-Training
Are Cowboys Fans

Who we are

To simplify the engineering process for our clients by being responsive, knowledgeable, collaborative and innovative.

Start by listening to the client, understanding their needs and assembling a dedicated team who can meet the demands of the project. Next look for opportunities to utilize lessons learned and new technologies to merge tested solutions for tomorrow's problems. Finish by insuring project completion, prompt service and client satisfaction.

Each project has to meet a specific budget and schedule. That's where our project controls team comes in. A group dedicated to managing the schedule and budget, throughout the entire course of the project. Senior engineers review each project numerous times to quality assurance, cost reductions, scope clarity, constructability and change order control. Our project controls team oversees every project.

  • Proven Success
  • Experienced Team
  • Knowledgeable Engineers
  • Client Satisfaction